Contra-Indications For Beauty Treatment

A pre-treatment consultation form will need to be completed for every client to ensure there are no contraindications for the treatment booked.

A patch test, 24 hours prior to the treatment, is essential for clients who have not had eyelash tinting, perming or extensions, eyebrow tinting, bleaching, spray tanning, electrolysis or advanced electrolysis within the last 9 months at the Heather Mitchell Beauty Clinic.

Waxing is not recommended before or after any form of heat treatment, ie sunbeds, sunbathing etc.

We do not recommend pedicures or foot massage where there is evidence of athlete’s foot or veruccae.

Facial treatments should not be taken directly before or after heat treatments ie waxing, electrolysis, sunbeds, sunbathing etc.

Contact lenses should be removed before make-ups, facials, eyelash tinting, perming or extensions.

Make-up should not be worn for approximately 24 - 48 hrs after red vein, milia, spider naevus, electrolysis treatments or facial waxing.