Make Up

Clarins Make-up - Clarins make up offers a complete range of products to enhance natural beauty and ensure radiant results. Easy to wear natural colour combinations adapt from morning to evening perfectly.

Day Make Up - preparation of skin and application of a simple, attractive makeup, perfect for daytime wear. Includes colour recommendation chart.
Allow ¾ hr £29.00

Evening Make Up - includes skin preparation and colour recommendation chart. Ideal for the more sophisticated or glamorous look.
Allow 1 hr £37.50

Make Up Lesson - how to apply perfect make up every time. Learn new techniques on colour and applying make up.
Allow 1 ½ hrs £49.50

Wedding Make Up - for the bride and her entourage, special arrangements can be made for a home visit on the wedding day. A trial run is advisable at the clinic to ensure that perfect look on the day.

Trial Make up. Allow 1½ hr person...…………………………..…..£58.50
Wedding Make up In salon. Allow ¾ hr per person ..…….…….......£46.00

Home visits. We charge £59.50 per hour for time spent away from the clinic (this includes travelling time).